Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heres how we began this wonderful journey 25yrs ago. Thank you Jeff for many wonderful memories. Thank you for being there with me through lessons and trials and babies and tons of fun. Thank you for making sure this journey started out right by taking me to the temple. Thank you for 7 beautiful children. Thank you for everything!

Favorite sounds

I love country music. Just the fact that I can understand the words.
I love Christmas music. The feeling of celebrating and cooking.
I love church music. The spirit it brings with it.
I love listening to my kids talk to eachother. Especially when they are telling stories of the day.
I love when my kids laugh. The best is when they cry cause they laugh so hard.
I love the sound of rain. Its very calming.
I love the quietness of night after everyone is in bed. To know that everyone is safe.
I love hearing my 7 yr old call me on the phone crying and saying "I want you". Its awesome to be wanted.
I love to hear my children say "thanks mom". I love to serve them.
I love to hear my son say "will you just scratch my back". I hope he always needs me.
I love to hear thunder. Its scary, captivating and awesome.
I love to hear my mom and dad say thanks for being who you are. They had a big part of helping me.
I love to hear a child breathe deep when you are putting them to sleep. At that point you know they are really asleep.
I love to hear the washer, dryer, dishwasher going all at the same time. I feel like I am working so hard.
I love to hear my husband say "I Love You". I know that eternity will be wonderful.

Friday, January 7, 2011

We finally updated our family picture. It was actually alot of fun. We did it Thanksgiving morning after I got the turkey in and the tables set. My girls have been wanting to redo them for so long and we just never found time. a couple daughters wanted their hair cut another wanted new clothes I wanted to lose weight and a hair cut. Oh well none of that happened and we survived. After we did these Justine was at the store and someone stopped her and asked her if her family took pictures cause she looked familiar. Oh how I love living in a small town. It is wonderful.
So my girls were tired of  me never updating my blog and I told them I forgot the passwords so Jenna created a new one for me. After looking at their blogs you will notice they took all the talent I should have. Thats ok though cause they are sure fun. I will try really really hard to keep up on this. Just don't judge my posts. Remember it is just for my entertainment that I do this.